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Giant’s Teeth:

In the words of the Syracuse New Times:

Giants Teeth by Braden Leigh recounts the struggles of a young boy in prehistoric times exiled from his tribe for failing the test of manhood. The comic has a very simplistic art style, but tackles very complex issues through the eyes of the surprisingly astute young caveman such as the arbitrariness of tradition and the unreliability of consciousness. Every event that happens to the boy is steeped with metaphorical resonance and the comic reads more like one of Aesop’s fables than a straight forward story.

(Thanks Syracuse New Times!)


The Author:

My name is Braden Leigh and I live in Dallas, Texas. I like to eat pizza, draw, run, jump, and climb things. I am the founder and king of  Striped Elephant Apparel and I make this comic.

I hope you enjoy it!

But, if not (or if so), let me know at


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