The look of this was inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. I don’t understand why it’s famous, but the hands and feet were kind of fun. Here’s a high resolution version of the comic for your viewing pleasure.


I saw this TED Talk today, and I think it provides some interesting insights in to life: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html

All the Possibilities

This comic references the belief of the Maya, ancient Sumerians, and ancient Egyptians that the sky is a giant inverted bowl. Next time you’re looking at the stars, think of it that way. It’s easy to see why they thought so.


This comic got a bit out of hand. When I conceptualized it, I imagined it would have maybe 6 panels. 40 panels later…

Consciousness Part 2

When computers take over the world, will it matter whether or not they’re conscious?


Every symbol there means something. How much of it can you understand?


This comic references this one.

Past Future Present

This is my take on a zen parable that some say comes from Buddha himself. The lion at the top represents the past, the lion at the bottom represents the future. The strawberries are the present.


Aand I just ruined a nice telling of a Buddhist parable. I feel bad about this.

Alien World

I imagine if you had never seen trees before, a forest really would be a scary thing.


And this concludes Chapter 2: Until The Earth Turns Black. I will be taking my traditional week break to prepare for Chapter 3. Back Feb 11th!