Staring Off Into Space

It begins! The idea for this story has been bouncing around in my head for years. It’s exciting and kind of scary to be ready to release it. I hope you guys enjoy. (Not every strip will look like this. I’m going to be experimenting with a bunch of different styles. Just think of the… Continue reading Staring Off Into Space

Place in Time

I always think about this when I’m around children. Maybe this baby I’m playing peek-a-boo with will be Captain Kirk.

The Ceremony

Does anyone use RSS feeds anymore? I’ve been considering setting up an RSS feed for this comic. If you would use it, let me know and I will make it happen.


I got this idea from a Native American history class I took in college. Apparently this was actually a rite of passage for a certain tribe. They had to hold water in their mouths for a long journey across the desert. My memory on it is fuzzy now and I can’t find any mention of… Continue reading Goodbye

Into The Sunrise

It’s hard to look cool while traveling toward the sun. Old westerns are so unrealistic.

Tribal Council

I was going a completely different direction with this comic, then when I was mostly done (last night) I decided I didn’t like it. So I started over in this whole new direction. That’s why today’s comic is out a bit later in the day. Bonus points for figuring out what he’s saying while he’s… Continue reading Tribal Council

Debating Fates

The last panel was pretty tricky for me, and I ended up spending way too long on it. Really had to bend my brain to figure out the lighting. For the longest time it was looking like purple people being lit from the left. I hope it comes across! (as a drawing in the sand)


This comic is a guide to help parents deal with those of their children they find inadequate.


The first panel references this comic, so if you’re confused, you may want to start back there. This is the end of Chapter 1: The Intro! Next up is Chapter 2: Until the Earth Turns Black. Don’t forget to like the Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter.